Potted petzval plant


I had another play with the hasselnuts iPhone adaptor today. It’s still a bit finicky but with a little playing I teased some alright shots out of it. I was most pleased with this one of a plant which had a kind of petzvalesque swirly bokeh to it.

Although the image capture function of the hasselnuts app still isn’t working as it should, by setting the lens on the camera to bulb and locking the mirror up its possible to get a live view on the screen of the phone. A touch in the corner of the screen in the vignette area sets a bright enough exposure to avoid too much noise in the image. This shot was run through vscocam to convert it to black and white and add a little grain to help hide the digital noise.


5 thoughts on “Potted petzval plant

    • That’s what I liked about it too. Love the convenience of mobile phone photography but find it too sharp and not as enjoyable as handling an old film camera. This kind of gives the best of both worlds, but missing the fine tones and quality of medium format film.

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