For the last few days she’d been feeling poorly – not focussing properly, running a bit hot. Then today it happened. My little buddy who’s spent the year so far at my side for my 366 project, my beloved fuji x100 camera, came down with the dreaded sticky blades syndrome.

A common issue with this camera, the aperture blades have a tendency to lock open at the widest aperture and cannot be stopped down. As a result all images are taken at f/2 regardless of the settings and exposure readings at other aperture settings are incorrect.

In keeping with the ironic sense of humour possessed by the universe, my camera is two months out of warranty so I may be without my snappy companion for awhile. I’m hoping that the fact that this is a common problem will lead Fuji to be good guys and fix the problem for me.

In the meantime i’ll be taking the opportunity to do some iphoneography and film shooting while my main camera is out of action. As there is usually a couple of weeks turnaround in my part of the world for film developing there may be some delay in posting pics but I fully intend to keep snapping each day.

Get well my little Fuji, I hope to see you soon.


2 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. Ugh. I worry mine will suffer the same fate at some point. Hopefully it will still be OK for two more years, but this sure seem to be a common problem. The good news is that Fujifilm is said to have fixed this flaw in more recent assemblies which they presumably use in current repairs.

    • Hopefully yours is from a good batch Jonas and your camera avoids the problem. I just heard back that Fuji will be repairing it at no cost even though its just out of warranty as this has been such a common problem. It’s a shame that such a great camera is mired by this issue but I’m impressed that Fuji is willing to fix their manufacturing problem

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