#29 – Gong Xi Fa Cai


We headed out to a Chinese New Year event this afternoon to celebrate the year of the water dragon. The city and the Chung Wah association put on a fantastic day full of music, dancing, and amazing food. Without a doubt, the dragon dancers stole the show with everyone caught up in the rhythm and spectacle of the shimmering costumes. This little fella was putting on his own show before the main event. When the big guys came out he engaged in a dance off with the big dragon until it devoured him much to the amusement of the crowd.


The main street was closed to traffic which allowed food stalls to erupt from all corners, providing an amazing selection of delectable delights.






Food and music aside, the entire event was a photography dream. The place was packed full of camera wielding fiends including these two who were rocking it old school with a couple of rangefinders.


By the end of the day, a few people were just too tired to carry on and flaked out wherever they could.


We had a great time immersing ourselves in the celebrations of another culture and we’re really looking forward to next years celebrations.



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